Our history

We are a world leader in Specialized Diagnostics and throughout our history we have achieved milestone after milestone, always with the aim of advancing patient care. Explore our history to discover the strategic moves and innovations that make us the company we are today.

  • Corporate Milestones
  • Product Innovations
  •   2023

    Acquisition of Immucor

    Creation and integration of two new business lines: Transfusion and Transplant. Integration underway and according to plan

  •   2021

    One Company, One Team

    Werfen restructures and unites under one brand

  •   2020


    Aptiva is a fully automated multi-analyte system that represents the next generation of high throughput instruments for the clinical laboratory

  •   2020

    COVID-19 pandemic

    Werfen organizes to face challenges brought on by the pandemic

  •   2019

    Handover of leadership

    Marc Rubiralta appointed Chairman

  •   2019
    GEM Premier ChemSTAT®

    GEM Premier® ChemSTAT

    First multi-use cartridge analyzer with rapid, lab-quality BMP, including Crea, Hct, Lac, pH, and pCO2, in the ED

  •   2017
    GEM® Premier™ 5000

    GEM® Premier™ 5000

    New generation, multi-use cartridge analyzer with iQM®2

  •   2017

    Acquisition of Accriva Diagnostics

    Global leader in Whole Blood Hemostasis testing at the point-of-care


  •   2016

    New Logistics Center for Iberia

    Located in Tarancón,

    Cuenca, Spain

    Acquisition of TEM®

    Expertise in viscoelastic technology and Patient Blood Management at

    the point-of-care

  •   2015

    ACL TOP® Family 50 Series

    Next-generation ACL TOP Family with pre-analytical sample checks

  •   2013


    Full commercial launch of BIO-FLASH, for use by clinical reference and hospital laboratories. Tests previously requiring significant hands-on time automated on this intuitive and rapid system.

  •   2012

    The Next Generation

    Jordi Rubiralta appointed Chairman

  •   2011

    Inauguration of Torre Werfen

    New headquarters in Barcelona, Spain

  •   2009

    Acquisition of the Autoimmune Diagnostics business of The Binding Site

    Strengthening leadership in Autoimmunity Diagnostics


  •   2009

    ACL AcuStar® System

    First and only fully automated, high-sensitivity system with chemiluminescence for Hemostasis testing

  •   2008

    Acquisition of Inova Diagnostics

    Leader in Autoimmunity Diagnostics

    (San Diego, USA)

  •   2006

    GEM® Premier™ 4000

    First blood gas analyzer with multi-use cartridge and integrated CO-oximetry

  •   2004

    ACL TOP Family Series

    First fully automated and standardized system for Hemostasis testing

  •   2000
    GEM Premier 3000

    GEM Premier 3000

    First standardized blood gas testing platform with multi-use cartridge

  •   1999

    Acquisition of Hemoliance

    Strengthening leadership in Hemostasis Diagnostics


  •   1996

    Acquisition of Chromogenix (Sweden) and Mallinckrodt Sensor Systems (USA)

    Progressive expansion in the Hemostasis and Blood Gas markets

  •   1991

    Acquisition of Instrumentation Laboratory

    Global leader in Hemostasis and Blood Gas systems

    (Bedford, MA, USA)

  •   1985
    ACL 810

    ACL 810 System

    First fully automated mid-sized Hemostasis analyzer

  •   1981


    First blood gas analyzer with video display and continuous calibration

  •   1979

    Geographical expansion

    Launch in Latin America

    Founding of Leventon (Barcelona, Spain)

    Infusion Therapy manufacturing begins

  •   1974

    Founding of Instrumentación Científica

    Scientific instrumentation distributor in Iberia; now Izasa Scientific

    (Barcelona, Spain)

  •   1973

    Founding of Biokit

    First steps into manufacturing

    (Barcelona, Spain)

  •   1967


    Invention of CO-oximetry, the technique that measures total hemoglobin and oxygenation parameters

  •   1966

    José María Rubiralta founds Izasa with the support of his family

    Now Werfen

    (Barcelona, Spain)

  •   1964


    First Flame Photometer. Revolutionized chemistry electrolyte testing in the laboratory

  •   1963


    First blood gas analyzer for routine clinical testing

  •   1959


    First direct reading pH/blood gas analyzer