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What we do

We develop, manufacture and distribute the highest quality, and most innovative systems and data management solutions for Acute Care Diagnostics, spanning Blood Gas, Whole Blood Hemostasis and Bleeding Management. Our solutions help hospitals, hospital networks and commercial laboratories ensure quality results and enhance efficiency.

How we power patient care

As a market leader in Acute Care Diagnostics, our portfolio of integrative solutions delivers fast, actionable, lab-quality results at the point-of-care. Crucial to ensuring optimal patient management, our innovative whole blood, cartridge-based systems are simple to use and quality-assured. Accurate, reliable results, received quickly, help inform key patient management decisions clinicians make every day.

Acute Care in 2023

Giovanni Russi, COO Hemostasis and Acute Care
Giovanni Russi, COO Hemostasis and Acute Care

A year of growth, record placements, and milestones across our solutions and systems

A phenomenal year for our innovative Acute Care Diagnostics solutions, with aggregate results above target, and strong placements of our flagship GEM Premier 5000 with Intelligent Quality Management 2 (iQM2) blood gas system, ROTEM sigma viscoelastic testing system and GEM Hemochron 100 testing system.

GEM Premier 5000 is the fastest-growing blood gas system in our history. Revolutionizing point-of-care care testing, this system markedly improves the quality of test results, and reduces error detection time, from hours to minutes—all contributing to enhanced patient care. Its success establishes a broader foundation for our latest innovation in blood gas testing.

We are very proud to announce that our next-generation blood gas system, the GEM Premier 7000 with iQM3, received 501(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking in 2023. Additionally, the GEM PAK cartridge for the system was submitted to the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (IVDR) in Europe. Introducing a technological breakthrough, the GEM Premier 7000 system is the first and only blood gas analyzer with integrated Hemolysis detection. The #1 source of pre-analytical errors, Hemolysis represents 70% of unsuitable blood gas samples. This has tremendously positive implications, particularly for potassium testing, helping to ensure quality results and reduce treatment delays and redraws, for better patient care and greater efficiency. We look forward to commercializing this revolutionary product throughout the world.

Hitting new records in Patient Blood Management, we received clearance from Health Canada and completed the very successful commercial launch of our ROTEM sigma viscoelastic testing system in the United States. Providing clear, real-time information to guide bleeding management decisions during cardiovascular and trauma surgery, ROTEM sigma delivers rapid, actionable results for improved patient outcomes.

In Whole Blood Hemostasis, GEM Hemochron 100 for monitoring and guiding heparin therapy, also achieved a new record for placements around the world, in its first full year of commercialization in the United States.

In Digital Solutions, installations of GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity and GEMweb Live Remote Support Viewer, continued to soar. Integrating all Werfen Acute Care Diagnostics systems into a single screen, GEMweb Live provides comprehensive results in the Cardiovascular Operating Room, helping to expedite critical patient management decisions.

Finally, but certainly not least, cloud-based ProDx 2.0 Remote Support Suite entered controlled distribution in the US, to remotely monitor instrument and data management performance, including GEM Premier blood gas systems and GEMweb Plus 500, at customer sites, maximizing instrument operation.

Between record placements and the introduction of disruptive new technology, 2023 was truly a banner year in innovation and sales for Acute Care Diagnostics!

Giovanni Russi
Chief Operating Officer
Hemostasis and Acute Care Diagnostics
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2023 business highlights

Record placements of ROTEM sigma systems

Record placements of GEM Hemochron 100 systems

US FDA 501(k) clearance of GEM Premier 7000 systems

Controlled release of ProDx 2.0, monitoring performance of Acute Care systems and data management solutions

Our products Powering Patient Care

GEM® Premier™ 5000

GEM® Premier™ 5000

Blood gas testing system

GEM Premier 5000 blood gas testing system provides automated quality assurance with every whole blood sample. With next-generation Intelligent Quality Management (iQM2), featuring IntraSpect™ technology, potential errors are detected not only before and after, but also during sample analysis, along with real-time correction and documentation. Plus, it’s simple —just change the all-in-one GEM PAK cartridge once a month. So regardless of testing location or point-of-care operator, quality results and compliance are assured with every sample.

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ROTEM® sigma

Viscoelastic testing system

ROTEM sigma is an easy-to-use, cartridge-based Thromboelastometry System that delivers rapid results at the point of care (POC), providing guidance in bleeding management. Used to assess clinically significant bleeding situations in cardiac surgery and liver transplantation, ROTEM TEMograms provide clear, real-time information, helping clinicians to optimize hemostasis while minimizing blood loss and blood product exposure, key goals of patient blood management programs.

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GEM® Hemochron® 100

ACT testing system

GEM Hemochron 100 Whole Blood Hemostasis system delivers quality results for monitoring and guiding unfractionated heparin therapy during cardiovascular procedures, including cardiac ablation and extracorporeal life support. Leveraging Hemochron technology, the system helps improve workflow and quality of care. Simple cartridge-based technology reduces maintenance and facilities training, for greater efficiency.

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GEMweb® Plus 500

GEMweb® Plus 500

Custom Connectivity

GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity is a data management solution, designed to simplify operator supervision and quality management, all from a single interface, whether accessed in the central lab, at the point-of-care or remotely from any analyzer, PC or tablet device.

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GEMweb Live

GEMweb® Live

Remote Viewer

A real-time onscreen viewer, GEMweb Live consolidates results from four Werfen systems in the cardiovascular operating room (CVOR). These comprehensive test results, all on one screen, enable faster clinical decision-making to help improve patient care.

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