This is Transplant

Offering pre- and post-transplant diagnostics for the best match

We provide life-changing results for a transplant recipient by offering a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-transplant diagnostics for outcome-focused transplant teams. Laboratories use our products to help determine the best match for a solid organ or bone marrow transplant recipient, and to monitor for possible post-transplant rejection. By providing clinicians with accurate test results, we can help advance the practice of transplant medicine.

Supporting diagnostics standardization worldwide

In the last 50 years, transplantation has become a successful clinical practice worldwide. However, there remains little standardization between laboratories across the globe in terms of testing workflows and diagnostic tools to ensure the best compatibility between a patient and donor.

Our products include the highest quality molecular and antibody-based assays and data-driven software solutions for highly specialized Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) testing conducted in transplant, registry, and research laboratories.

Helping clinicians make the best donor match for patients

HLA laboratories depend on our high quality assays for confidence in delivering life-changing results. Werfen’s highly technical team of transplant specialists provide a consultative approach to customer support. We are proud to partner with key opinion leaders across the globe and industry partners that provide greater insights into innovation pathways to drive further improvements in the field of transplant diagnostics.

Transplant in 2023

Preparing for future growth

We integrated the Transplant business line in 2023. R&D and manufacturing capabilities for Transplant diagnostics are located at three facilities in the US – Waukesha, WI, Warren, NJ, and Mountain View, CA. Initial integration initiatives and talent retention were our main focus throughout the year, and we will see more benefits from the ongoing integration in 2024.

At Transplant, we are focusing our investment on new assays and digital solutions to advance the field of histocompatibility. The transplant diagnostics market is evolving rapidly, and we continue to identify and solidify third-party partnerships to strengthen our capabilities, specifically in bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

We are making progress in commercializing novel assays targeted at improving the match between a patient and donor. In late 2023, we commercialized a RUO version of LSA NEXA Class II. With 140 Class II beads, LSA NEXA is the largest single antigen panel available and represents the next generation of HLA antibody detection. We are working to commercialize LSA NEXA Class I RUO in early 2024.

We are also investing in increasing our production capacity for our transplant portfolio and our focus is on our Waukesha facility, which supports the production of our LIFECODES product line where we see strong growth in market share and new product launches.

Dominique Petitgenet
Chief Operating Officer
Transfusion and Transplant

2023 business highlights

Integration and rebranding of Transplant business line and Transplant Technology Center in Waukesha, WI, USA after being acquired by Werfen

Commercialization of RUO version LSA NEXA Class II

Investment in new assays and digital solutions to advance the field of histocompatibility

Strengthening of our capabilities in bioinformatics and artificial intelligence with third-party partnerships

Our people in Transplant

Kristen Kelly Cousins

Working in the transplant business for over 20 years has been an enriching journey of passion, dedication, and community. Every day, I experience the profound impact our work has on patient care. At Werfen, the opportunities for personal and professional growth are abundant, allowing me to evolve continuously. Being part of a team dedicated to saving lives fills me with purpose and pride.

Kristen Kelly Cousins Director Strategic Account Development,
North America
Dr. Christine Heylen

Working more than 25 years in transplant diagnostics, I’ve become fascinated by Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA). This part of patient care is really exciting; you take care of patient lives while also continuously learning because the science behind transplant diagnostics advances at a rapid pace. This means we are challenged daily within the HLA community – a small yet global family, all communicating with each other. With Werfen’s focus on Specialized Diagnostics, I believe that we can give transplant diagnostics the attention it deserves.

Dr. Christine Heylen Sr. Director International Commercial & Scientific Affairs,

Our products Powering Patient Care


HLA SSO Typing kits

Our HLA SSO typing kits utilize sequence-specific oligonucleotide (SSO) methodology to identify HLA alleles present in locus-specific PCR-amplified samples. The ready-to-use kits feature a rapid protocol with minimal hands-on time and no centrifugation or wash steps making them an ideal solution for both high and low throughput testing.

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NGS MFlex HLA Typing Kits

MIA FORA reports Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) HLA typing results via a sophisticated software that features three algorithms for highly accurate analysis. With the expanded offering of MIA FORA MFlex XP, high quality results are now available with expanded coverage, in a simplified, multiplex kit format designed to reduce allele ambiguities, improve workflow and reduce turnaround time.

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