Making blood transfusions safe

For over 40 years, our Transfusion product line has played a vital role in making blood transfusions safe. We develop, manufacture, and support a complete line of immunohematology reagents, automated test systems, and data management software used by hospitals, clinical reference laboratories, and blood donor centers to find the right match for a patient in need of a life-saving blood transfusion. We’ve developed an expertise in blood bank automation technology that is unmatched in our industry. The core values we’ve brought to this process – innovation, productivity, and partnership – have made us one of the world’s leading transfusion diagnostics companies.

Advancing blood bank automation and diagnostics

Blood is vital to life. Every few seconds, a patient needs blood. Blood transfusions are critical to support trauma patients, surgeries, and cancer treatments. Multiple transfused patients include those with genetic blood disorders such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia. To support patients in need of a blood transfusion, diagnostic testing to characterize the patient’s blood and available donor units is essential. Hospitals, donor centers, and reference laboratories rely on our products for blood typing, antibody screening, and identification of red blood cells and platelets, as well as complex antibody workups.

Improving donor-recipient compatibility for blood transfusions

We provide results-oriented and efficiency-focused immunohematology laboratories and blood donor centers with total solutions to improve patient care and safety. Our products ensure the best donor-recipient compatibility for a life-saving blood transfusion with our manual and automated reagents, unique specialty products, and scalable automation. Paired with our industry-leading data management, our solutions deliver test results accurately, efficiently, and productively.

Transfusion in 2023

Investing in future growth

2023 marked Werfen’s acquisition of Immucor and our Transfusion leadership team focused heavily on early integration initiatives throughout the year. We were able to retain key talent in our organization and we will leverage more benefits from the integration in 2024.

We continue to invest in new innovations to advance the field of transfusion compatibility, including menu growth for our fully automated systems and enhanced data management capabilities. We were thrilled to commercialize our new ImmuLINK Panel ID software, which is an automated antibody identification software. This product launch solidifies our focus and investment on digital transformation for the immunohematology laboratory.

Across the diagnostics industry, there is a heavy focus on new IVDR guidelines and this was a key area for our Transfusion technology center in 2023. We are proud to report that we met 100% of our Class D certificate targets for 2023. We have approximately 30% of our remaining Class D certificates in notified body review, with just 2% pending submission. This represents 20% of the total IVD Class D products certified in the market.

We are constantly improving our supply chain efforts to strengthen our relationships with key strategic partners. This is essential in supporting our global customers in the critical work they perform to support their patients. We remain vigilant in reducing risk within our supply chain.

Finally, we remain committed to furthering professional excellence and enhancing patient care by making investments in technical education and support to the blood bank industry. In 2023 we executed hundreds of global educational events, including over 40 in-person Education Days, User Group Meetings and Wet Workshops, and over 20 global webinar programs. This educational role brings value to our industry and we will continue to partner with our customers to build the future leaders of immunohematology.

Dominique Petitgenet
Chief Operating Officer
Transfusion and Transplant

2023 business highlights

Integration and rebranding of Transfusion business line after being acquired by Werfen

New Transfusion and Transplant Technology Center in Norcross, GA, USA

Launch and commercialization of ImmuLINK Panel ID

Meeting 100% of our Class D certificate targets for 2023, with approximately 30% of our remaining Class D certificates in notified body review

Our people in Transfusion

Wendy Disbro

The camaraderie of the Transfusion team is palpable, turning ambitious projects into successful outcomes that surpass expectations. This sense of unity and shared responsibility ensures that no challenge is too great and no detail is too small to be addressed. I am grateful to contribute to a team where every member is valued, and we share success. This dynamic accelerates our achievements!

Wendy Disbro Transfusion Marketing Manager,
North America
Melissa Robbins

Since joining in 2001, I’ve been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities that have allowed me to grow within the organization.  As part of the Transfusion R&D department, I’ve developed reagents and automated systems from Concept to Commercialization. One of the things I enjoy most about working here is the teamwork; we have a positive culture and atmosphere that fosters open communication and support from other teams to solve problems, so we can all reach our milestones.  There’s also no such thing as a “typical day”. There’s always something new and challenging to learn from, which keeps things interesting!

My career has been especially rewarding, knowing that the work we do has a direct impact on patient care.

Melissa Robbins Senior Director, R&D Systems Integration,
North America
Felicia Buck

As a member of the Transfusion business line, I enjoy supporting my fellow transfusion laboratorians use innovative processes to save patient lives by ensuring they receive the right blood products when needed. Delivering world-class customer service to our healthcare professionals in the hospitals and donor centers with DRIVE (determination, respect, innovation, value, and excellence) allows our dedicated team to shine.

Felicia Buck Sr. Manager, Technical Support
& Product Investigation Lab,
North America

Our products Powering Patient Care

Echo Lumena®

A fully automated blood bank instrument designed to save space and time in the laboratory. The Echo Lumena appeals to labs who require increased productivity within a smaller footprint. Featuring a broad test menu, instant access, and unparalleled turnaround times, Lumena can complete a single type and screen test in as little as 23 minutes. Echo Lumena offers fast, accurate testing with a small footprint, making it efficient and user-friendly for laboratories.

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NEO Iris®

Answering the call from hundreds of laboratory managers, medical directors and blood bank technologists, NEO Iris is our flagship automated blood bank instrument. Our sixth generation of automation, NEO Iris is designed for the medium to high volume laboratory and improves efficiencies via an extensive test menu, dynamic workflow and resource handling, and remarkable flexibility for STAT prioritization. With the highest type and screen throughput on the global market, NEO Iris delivers an advanced level of performance.

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ImmuLINK® Data Management

ImmuLINK provides a centralized data management solution with a single-user interface for Werfen blood bank instruments in a multi-site environment. It connects, analyzes and organizes data to help users safely and efficiently report patient results. The newest ImmuLINK module, Panel ID, expands the test menu and decreases clerical errors for antibody identification testing.

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